Recreation OVERVIEW

The West Coast of Vancouver Island has consistently received praise from adventurers of all kinds for its natural beauty and the tremendous selection of recreational activities. Whether you challenge the surf, hike up a formidable mountain or sail the ocean blue, the area offers a wide variety of things to do in the great outdoors.

Some of the most popular activities on the West Coast include whale watching, kayaking, surfing, diving, swimming, fishing, hiking, camping and sightseeing. Blessed with warm summers and mild winters, the area is home to many different types of wildlife including bears, deer, cougars, salmon, whales, sea lions and much more.

The Jacques Cousteau Society has rated the waters off Vancouver Island second only to the Red Sea for clarity and diversity of marine life. The open ocean and sheltered inlets of the West Coast are famous to divers world wide.

Explore vast stretches of mountains, rivers, lakes, wind swept beaches and rugged coastlines of the great Pacific Ocean. The West Coast of Vancouver Island is rich with world class marine, forest and mountain playgrounds, and the recreational pursuits abound.