Pacheedaht Water OVERVIEW

Since the late 70s, the Snuggery Cove area of Port Renfrew has has been battling with arsenic-tainted water coming out of a too-small waterline that serves only a portion of the 45 connections in the cove. A $619,000 federal-provincial grant to upgrade Port Renfrew's water system, matched with $310,000 community funds will be used to develop a surface intake at Falls Creek (a sizable water source up the valley from Port Renfrew), connect the new system to the existing pumphouse and treatment facilities, run a supply main to Snuggery Cove, provide a distribution system and install a storage reservoir booster pump.

Now with the promise of a safe, reliable water source, several resorts are planned for Port Renfrew, one of them a $5-million project. Another benefit is that once the new system is built, Port Renfrew's Beach Camp and Snuggery Cove residents will be hooked into a unified system.