Nootka Water OVERVIEW

In 2002, the following 'Green' Infrastructure projects, under the $800-million Canada-British Columbia Infrastructure Program, were approved for the Nootka region:

Gold River - The village was awarded $170,000 to install an innovative new sludge treatment system to allow the sludge to be disposed of at a landfill, recycled at a composting facility, or used as fertilizer under controlled conditions. This to provide a more environmentally and esthetically pleasing sludge treatment process. The project's eligible cost is $256,000.

Zeballos - The village was awarded $205,000 to build a bolted steel water reservoir to provide peak-time and emergency storage for fire protection. This is to ensure a reliable water supply for the residents on the west side of the Zeballos River and provide increased water storage supply for emergency and fire purposes. The project's eligible cost is $308,000. (Pending environmental assessment.)