Kyuquot Water OVERVIEW
Kyuquot Water Supply Study
The Kyuquot Water Supply project required a detailed watershed analysis for two main watersheds in the Kyuquot region. The two watersheds were the Clanninick Creek and MacKay Creek watershed areas. The Clanninick Creek had extensive logging and was under a reforestation program at the time of the watershed assessment. Of great importance in the analysis of this watershed was the effect of reforestation on reducing turbidity in the watershed. The MacKay Creek watershed had a considerable amount of forested land that was under current logging programs. There was an analysis of the fisheries concerns for both watersheds as there were fishery values in the lower extremities of both of the areas. The Clanninick watershed also had a Provincial ecological reserve in the watershed area.

Houpsitas I.R. No. 6 Water System Study
This project involved the development of a new water system for the Kyuquot First Nation at their Houpsitas Village. The system included the construction of a new supply line from a catchment dam to a booster pump station. Transmission lines were constructed from the booster pump station to a water storage reservoir. Another transmission line was constructed from the water storage reservoir to the existing village system where a new distribution system was constructed.