Kyuquot Fisheries OVERVIEW

This region, including Checleset Bay, contains the last significant un-enhanced salmon stock complex on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

The Vancouver Island Summary Land Use Plan identified the following fishery uses and potential in the Kyuquot region:

  • major salmon migration and rearing areas throughout coastal areas of the region
  • important estuarine salmon rearing areas at heads of all inlets
  • important local salmon juvenile and local adults migration routes and staging areas through entrances to Kyuquot Sound and associated waterways
  • important salmon grounds fronting the Bunsby Islands, Kyuquot channel and surrounding Moketas and Hohoae Channel
  • Tahsish, Kashutl, Amai and Cachalot Inlets recently supporting Pacific Sardine recurrences
  • important geoduck areas in Clear Passage, Markale Passage, Pinnace, Kyuquot Channels and the Mission Group
  • important crab grounds in Cachalot Inlet and the head of Tahsish Inlet
  • important local herring spawning areas fronting Union Island, Amai/Cachalot Inlets and likely others; important herring area in Crowther Channel
  • important sea cucumber area in Crowther Channel
  • important prawn grounds in inner Kyuquot, and throughout Kashutl and Tahsish Inlets
  • significant wild clam fishing and prawn fishing areas throughout