Barkley Water OVERVIEW

Port Alberni - In 2002 a 'Green' Infrastructure project, under the $800-million Canada-British Columbia Infrastructure Program, was approved for Port Alberni. The city was awarded $1.6 million to upgrade its water and wastewater system by upgrading a pump-house with another generator and building a new pump-house with a generator and a force main to the sewage treatment plant. This to ensure that sanitary sewer overflows will not discharge into salmon-bearing creeks. The project reduces the environmental impact of sewage in the community and provides improved service reliability. The project's eligible cost is about $2.4 million.

The Uchuck Lake Watershed area was studied as part of an option for water supply to the Elhlateese Village at the end of Uchucklesaht Inlet on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Uchuck Lake is located within the watershed and the area has steep ground with typical west coast vegetation. The area had been logged and was under reforestation.

Elhlateese Water System
Elhlateese Village is an isolated settlement located at the end of Uchuchlesaht Inlet in Barkley Sound on Vancouver Island. The Village had a gravity water system from an artesian well that had problems with the quantity of water and low pressures. The new water system comprised of a well supply system located on a plateau above the settlement. Water was pumped from a free flowing well to a 35,000 IG steel bolted reservoir. Water then flowed by gravity to the Elhlateese Village and provided a safe, secure supply of water with distribution pressures of 85 psi.

Anacla Water System
The Village of Anacla is near Bamfield, B.C. A new water supply system was required to replace an inadequate and unreliable system. The new system consists of two wells, a control building, a chlorination facility, a supply pipe line to a bolted steel reservoir and a water distribution system. The well water contains low levels of hydrogen sulphide which can impart an odour to the water. Therefore, the reservoir incorporates a system of spray nozzles which aerate the water as it enters the reservoir, thus reducing the hydrogen sulphide concentrations.

Ittatsoo Water Supply
Ittatsoo Village is located on the south side of the Ucluelet Inlet on Vancouver Island. Water was supplied to the Ittatsoo Village from the Village of Ucluelet supply main. This water had been distributed to the Ittatsoo Village through a hydropneumatic system which was subject to constant failure. The distribution lines in the Village were old and in poor repair. The new system provided a booster pumpstation that boosts the water to a 30 m high steel bolted water standpipe on the Reserve. The water was then delivered by gravity through a new distribution system.